Science Studies

“Science, engineering, and medicine are far too important to leave to the scientists”

Ever since my first year of college I’ve been interested in science, but not necessarily practicing or being within it.  So the happy compromise is studying science through a critical lens that treats science like another culture — like Filipino culture, like biking culture, like queer culture.  I’m not learning science necessarily to practice it, I’m learning science linguo to show how human an endeavor it is, partly to demystify its difficulty so that more people get into it.

My style is about analyzing the language and metaphors that scientists use.  Metaphors are likely derived from the scientists’ life experience and I’m interested in what metaphors they use that they picked up procedurally as part of being part of the scientific culture and metaphor they use to explain concepts to people.   Language and metaphor are a window into understanding how they think as individuals and might say something about the institution.  Perhaps with that window, I can shed light on their strengths, their achievements as well as their biases and limits.  Undertanding their strengths and achievements, and biases and limits through language perhaps can help improve the way science is done by the scientists themselves as well as the way it is perceived by the public and by politicians.

Science Studies Links – Science Studies – How to Think About It – Science Studies Literature–Technology–and-Society/index.htm – Syllabi, Interesting-Sounding Classes, and Literature in Science Studies


My Stuff:

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