Mestizo Revelations

Mestizo Revelations is a collection of essays, poems, and visual art from mixed-race writers and artists expressing their narratives and perspectives on being mixed race in America. Ms. Allison Mannos, who is Chinese and Jewish, UCLA Asian American Studies and Urban Planning student is the visionary behind this work. This collection is slated to be published with an ISBN-Number through the writing collective, the Undeniables by June 2010.

What do you need to do to be involved?

Since everyone who is receiving this email is starting from scratch, we’ll give you a full month to submit something. Submit in email and/or word doc to me by October 31st, 2009.

What are we looking for in the pieces?

People who can write a creative piece about examining the facets of their identity. Write about race, class, gender, sexuality, what those have all meant to you. How has being mixed race helped/hinder you? How has being lower or middle-class helped/hinder you? Maybe being a straight mixed male gives you extra privilege?

What we want to achieve with the totality of your works, Ms. Allison Mannos says in her own words: “the primary objective [of this project] would be to obliterate race and identity while calling out the badness in the world that is based on the reinforcement of these artificial identities. I want [readers of the Mestizo project] to see how mixed people can use their “mixed” status as a platform to destroy racial identity, by not falling under easy boxes, how that is positive, not falling under the trap “non-mixed people” do by calling themselves and really believing in being latino, asian-am, black, etc. Its about being mixed but then again its really more about the bigger question of [racial] identity being/becoming irrelevant.”

Essays, poems, visual representations.

If you’re stuck on what to write, check out the literature on this page.

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