I’m fascinated with all kinds of memory.

Be it your personal, individual memories, or the memory of concepts you need to take a test.  I am also interested in how institutions like schools or government agencies “remember” or “recognize” certain things that happened in the past.  That would be social or “institutional memory.” Like how Filipino American veterans from World War II had long not been “recognized” to be given US Citizenship and/or benefits, despite being promised by Roosevelt.  Those veterans might have had their own personal, individual memories, but the “institution,” the US, did not “remember” or “recognize” that they did.

Memory seems to permeate every part of our lives.  It’s a dynamic type of past, and not everything is recollected, or recognized equally in the individual human mind.   For my purposes, I think of memory as kind of a really dark, and cluttered “storage space” all over your body (and not just in your mind).  You can’t really find any and everything that you need, sometimes you need a little flashlight to find something, sometimes you can’t find anything at all.  Sometimes you randomly hop across an episode or moment in your life, sometimes a word is at the tip of your tongue and you can’t quite pinpoint it.

I’m interested in how people use of what they have in their memories to make judgments, and make decisions.

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