Graffiti on Trash

I write notes on whatever I can write on. Most frequently, I write on library books. However, according to my mom and my partner, that’s vandalism!!! A big no-no!!!

You might think I was doing graffiti, not to say anything about that.

Graffiti is kind of like note-taking, or at least public note taking. It’s a bunch of codes only people who are in the scene would understand, yet it’s public.

My notes are kind of like a bunch of codes only some people would understand, and it is somewhat public, assuming that people in the public actually rent the book.

However, library books aren’t the only interesting pieces of writing to write on. There’s plenty of other stuff to write on: like all the trash that we throw out or would potentially throw out, either because the information is not useful or not thing anymore.

I want to write notes that get people thinking and conversing about everyday ephemera.

I’ll write on your military brochures, your Sallie Mae brochures, your organization’s programs, your Cornell West articles.

To the People Who Have Picked Up a Piece of Trash with My Graffiti On It

Chances are you’ve come to this site because you picked up a piece I deconstructed. I invite you to post commentary of your own on this site about what piece of trash you picked up and how my graffiti made you feel.

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  1. yes. guerilla advertising for intelligent ramblings.


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