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A Response to the Time Article “Why I’ll Never Apologize For My White Privilege”

May 5, 2014 by


Story from Time Original Story from the Princeton Tory Dear Mr. Tal Fortgang, You’ve presented your viewpoint, and personally I wonder how TIME Magazine would even bother posting something ridden with so many logical fallacies and very little evidence to support their points of view. But I’d hazard a guess that TIME Magazine took it […]

Permanency, Perception, and Identity

May 20, 2013 by


I am struck by how people you identify with are “always works in progress” with unlimited potential, but how people you don’t know, you see as finished products, sometimes just straight up “dicks/assholes.” People you identify with have temporary statuses, especially if they are in a rough position.  They can deflect any and all criticism. […]

Bullying Humor against Minorities: Case of Suzy Lee Weiss vs. the Ivy Leagues

April 6, 2013 by


I don’t know Suzy Lee Weiss, or what applicants got in to the schools that she applied to. If you don’t know, she’s a high school senior who wrote an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal to all the Ivy League schools who rejected her. I know the tone of her article was to be […]

Tracking Racism Project: Betty Bowers Explains Traditional Marriage

March 25, 2013 by


Since I come through a lot of media everyday and have little time to comment, I feel the need to issue as many short posts as possible discussing little ephemera which I come across in social media that give me “a bad feeling”, especially in regards to representation of people from races and ethnicities that […]