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The Gradual Rise of Filipino/Filipino American Athletes

August 16, 2015


One of the pastimes of my childhood in the 1990s America was figuring out who in pop culture was related to, talked about, or was Filipino. Being an early consumer of ESPN and Sportscenter, I would always be on the lookout for that Filipino and/or Asian athlete. Barely on the radar of movies or TV […]

Insight On the Work of Anger and De-Humanization

August 11, 2015


In recent weeks, nothing has angered my wife and I as much as our neighbor taking the parking space in front of our house. For one, they have 7 cars.  Second, we are now limited to only one side of the street for parking.  Third, they leave an SUV full of junk, that they never […]

A Response to the Time Article “Why I’ll Never Apologize For My White Privilege”

May 5, 2014


Story from Time Original Story from the Princeton Tory Dear Mr. Tal Fortgang, You’ve presented your viewpoint, and personally I wonder how TIME Magazine would even bother posting something ridden with so many logical fallacies and very little evidence to support their points of view. But I’d hazard a guess that TIME Magazine took it […]

A Set of Ideas that Rocked My Political Orientation as a Republican-Leaning Teenager

November 6, 2013


“There is no such thing as a “black” and “white” world.” “There is no such thing as those ‘eeeee-vil’ men.” “There is no such thing as “good guys” or “bad guys.” I remember that it was in an AOL chatroom about politics in the year 2000 where I realized, well, I guess I’m on the […]

The Good Time to be Had at Filipino Family Parties

October 19, 2013


I felt like a grown man every time I shook his hand. Uncle Rene. As a kid, I used to think of the Disney’s Jungle Book character King Louie when I saw him.  That song about being a human would instantly play on queue when I thought of him.  A super-laxed, balding, easy-smiling-but-not-cheesy brown man […]

Life Lessons from Car Salesmen

October 7, 2013


For the past 5 Months, I worked at a car dealership, not as a dealer, but doing research. A very enlightening time for me, socially and even, emotionally.  I never imagined myself ever working at one because I was never a car person and didn’t think I ever fit in “with the guys.” I guess […]

Searching for What Medical Literature Says About ACL Injury Rehab, and Implications for Derrick Rose

June 17, 2013


Disclaimer:  I am not in the medical field whatsoever, unless you count being born to a nurse. All I am is someone who can read and find key ideas.  I don’t know a lot of the specific terms that those in the field refer to, I have never seen any of the machines, techniques, in […]