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Why White People Probably Hate Talking About Race

September 5, 2015


I think your average white American person approaches a race-related/associated subject with both apprehension and anger. Having to respect other races and ethnicities, especially in public and popular mediums like television and/or sporting events, is quickly, rapidly becoming the norm today, much to the chagrin of the average white American. I don’t think it was […]

Final Assessment of the 2012 UCLA Football Bruins

December 28, 2012


Didn’t have a good feeling about this game, particularly against the #1 ranked offense in the nation.  And of course, the box score confirms it. I saw only the first half, which seemed like the halftime of the 66-19 USC game in 2005, where the Bruins were simply down 42-7 or something similarly pathetic.  I […]

The Meaning of Manny Pacquiao to this Filipino-American

December 8, 2012


This is one of the few times per year that the media and celebrities will care about a bunch of short, “ugly”, humble brown guys. A Manny Pacquiao fight. This is the type of attention I’d never seen growing up. And by attention, it’s not that I’m in dire need for it. I just like […]

The Wire: Taking Money that’s Given Away

November 26, 2012


I am re-watching the greatest TV series ever, The Wire again.  This time, I’m just starting with the 4th season, my favorite season, in the hopes of hooking the attention of the River woman.  So far so good. One of the most intriguing story devices employed by The Wire was the parallel lives led by […]

Are the 2012 UCLA Football Bruins for Real?

November 15, 2012


‘Meeeericaaaa Fuck Yeahhh! That’s what I think, the answer to my question. Yes. The UCLA Football Bruins are for real.  “For real” at this time, meaning capable of beating USC, and staying in the rankings.  The meaning of “for real” could change and that could mean playing for the national championship but I think were […]

A “Necessary” Loss Against the Texans

November 11, 2012


Observations Before the game started, I was telling myself, I’d be OK if the Bears lost, but at least made it competitive.  I think they achieved that in this game if there’s any such thing as a moral victory.  It’s a regular season game, as long as they make the playoffs and the super bowl, […]

Basketball as a Little Filipino-American Boy’s Religion: Be Like Mike

October 15, 2012


There was something magical about throwing a round orange ball in hopes of getting it through a cylinder with a net hoop.  It was fun.  So fun that every morning, I would be obliged to take a few shots.  30 minutes worth of shooting.  From my designated “3-point line.”  From close up.  Against the backboard. […]