Why White People Probably Hate Talking About Race

Posted on September 5, 2015 by


I think your average white American person approaches a race-related/associated subject with both apprehension and anger.

Having to respect other races and ethnicities, especially in public and popular mediums like television and/or sporting events, is quickly, rapidly becoming the norm today, much to the chagrin of the average white American.

I don’t think it was like that before.

In the past, when the average white American perhaps witnessed or themselves made a comment disrespecting another race or ethnicity, there wasn’t any apology; there’s a sentiment that they could get away with saying things, and that’s probably why quite a few of them bitch and vent about the state of “political correctness,” which I take as code for, “I want to get back to being able to offend people without getting any backlash.”

Nowadays, thanks in part to social media 2.0, there are new rules.  I think the very feeling evoked by “new rules” is what annoys the average white person the most.  “New rules” are not necessarily rules but more so ways of going about things. New rules are un-American unless set forth by old, dead white guys.

Now with the new rules, if someone makes an offensive comment, people will actually respond to the offensive comment, sometimes even shame them via social media, and the outcomes range from someone’s reputation being tarnished or even someone losing a job.

Oh no!  Who’d a thought there’d come a day when you’d have to be responsible for your actions and words when it came to people different than yourself?!

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