The Stupidity of Telling Derrick Rose What to Do With His Body

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Summary:  As a Bulls follower, the past few months, I’ve waited anxiously for the return of MVP point guard Derrick Rose.

I’ve clicked on and re-freshed the Bulls RealGM Boards.  In the middle of the day, I’ll go on to random Google searches for “derrick rose”, hoping for new news articles to appear saying something to the effect of “he’s back!”

It’s been about 12 months since he tore his ACL.  We’ve been treated to an Adidas campaign in anticipation of #thereturn.  We’ve seen news articles and quotes about him making progress.  We’ve seen videos of him dunking and shooting around.

Derrick Rose, if you are ignorant of him, is a 24-year old NBA superstar.  Every season I’ve watched him, he’s surpassed expectations wildly.  Typically, NBA players at the MVP level take 4 or 5 seasons before they are established MVPs.  Derrick Rose did it in 3, becoming the youngest MVP ever, en route to leading the Chicago Bulls to the most wins in a season since the time of the iconic Michael Jordan.

Off-the-court, he’s known as a humble man.  There are stories of him buying dinner for a fan, paying for the funeral expenses of a dead infant, so on and so forth.  At last year’s NBA All-Star game, I was tickled at how fans reveled in how humble he was in comparison to athletes like Lebron James or Dwyane Wade.

However, at this moment on the RealGM boards, the idea of the humble, simple, giving Derrick Rose is almost a faded memory.

He is instead an injured superstar, who has been out for a year.  There is a lot of anxiety and speculation about the condition of his body.

Anxiety and speculation is so rampant that it has turned into suspicion.  Now, fans are imagining that Derrick Rose is being cowardly, or even, worse selfishly using his injury to leverage the team into making better transactions.

“We don’t really know Derrick Rose.”

“Derrick Rose needs to man up and play games, it’s part of his re-hab”

“He should be playing and probably should have for the past month +”

“he doesn’t appear to be following the best medical path (and therefore the best path to him)”

“Derrick Rose is a pussy”

Many fans thought that he was set to return when it was leaked that he had been “medically cleared” to play.  “Medically cleared” means that he has no less of a chance of re-injuring his ACL than any other NBA player.  This prognosis however doesn’t say whether or not he may suffer what seem to be referred to be kinesiologists as “compensation injuries.”

Dr. Brian Cole, the doctor who operated on his torn ACL, set the expectation for a timeline to return by February 2013.  He prognosticated an 8-12 month return from May 2012.  Derrick Rose is now nearing 12 months since injury and 11 months since surgery.

Most professional athletes have come back from this very injury within 9-10 months.  This timetable was informally set by fans observing the performance of other high-level athletes.  NFL Running Back Adrian Peterson recovered from an ACL injury after 9 months. NBA players Ricky Rubio and Iman Shumpert, also young NBA point guards have also returned from ACL injuries within 9 months.

Despite this timetable, positive quotes, reports of him dominating, videos of him playing, we have not really heard much about when Derrick Rose will return.  The most he has said is that “he may return tomorrow or he may return next season” and that he would return when he feels he is 110%.  There has been no report of any setback, which has many wondering just what the hell is going on.  This uncertainty has been the focus of rampant speculation, opening the door to suspicion.

A few months ago, Derrick Rose’s brother, Reggie Rose, criticized Chicago Bulls management for not making any moves to acquire better players for Derrick to play with.  He implied that Bulls’ management inactivity would have bearing on whether or not Derrick would play this season.  As a result, many Chicago Bulls posters on RealGM have taken shots at anyone possibly influencing Derrick Rose not to play.  They have criticized his brother Reggie, his agent, BJ Armstrong, a former Chicago Bulls guard with the Michael Jordan teams. They have taken shots at Derrick Rose for being mentally weak and possibly ultimately being the ammoral athlete that they once criticized other athletes for.

Why Criticizing Derrick Rose About His Delayed Comeback Is Stupid:

1.  It is not anyone’s body but Derrick Rose’s.  He’s the one who made it doing what he did.  He’s the one who endured the injury.  He’s the one who’s re-habbing.  He’s the one that will be blamed if he somehow re-injures or gets other kinds of injuries.

2.  Unless Derrick Rose himself, his doctors, or someone with that information, we don’t really have enough information to definitively say anything.  A lot of what fans know is third-hand information passed through media outlets, friend of a friend type rumors, and many I don’t think are ACL doctors.

We do not what Derrick is feeling exactly except pain. “Pain” to some is just normal, and that he should play through.  “Pain” to some is grounds for him to just “shut it down” and not give us anymore hope about playing the rest of the season.

We don’t really know if there there haven’t been any setbacks.

However it is amusing to see how Bulls fans on RealGM know with an aura of definitiveness that Derrick Rose should have been back by now.  I mean, we don’t really “know” who these Bulls fans are, for all I know maybe they’re just Bulls PR trying to pressure #thereturn.

3.  The Bulls have a recent history of recurring injuries that continues today, almost un-examined in these Derrick Rose injury threads.  Joakim Noah, Luol Deng, Carlos Boozer have all been criticized at one point for being too injury-prone.  Bulls Power Forward Taj Gibson, who recently tweaked his knee, blamed a rush to return.  Some fans then turned the blame on him for “choosing to play early.”  It’s a marvel at how fans do not foist much question upon medical establishment and training staff that may have systematically “medically cleared” key players only for them to re-injure themselves.

4.  Of all the things fans criticize players for, fans are now criticizing him for…taking a longer time than expected to recover from a knee injury that has taken him out for a year.  Fans criticize players for being greedy, being bad fathers, being poor money managers — basically all the things Americans themselves are bad at, and now fans are getting mad at him for not…returning from a serious injury…soon enough.  Some have even criticized the fact that he is taking the whole year and not really earning the large contract he got.

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