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Why I Care About Sports: They are a Metaphor for the Workplace

February 20, 2013 by


I wrote about why I, and by proxy we, as adults in American society, cared about sports before.  I was a bit negativish in ultimately saying that I cared about sports mostly because sports has storylines rife with hateable or loveable characters.  I suggested that community organizations or NGOs or other people trying to do […]

How to Curb Your Individual Prejudiced/Racist Biases

February 13, 2013 by


I was watching the Chris Dorner situation just like anyone in the LA area.  My main medium of communication during the day is not necessarily e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, or the telephone, but rather a sports message board community. So I took my thoughts there with the hope of seeing something interesting enough to respond to. […]

Job-Searching at the Micro-UN

February 10, 2013 by


Gilbert quit his glorified bucket-lifting job a few weeks ago. But that wasn’t bad news. It was a cathartic moment for he and I, or at least mostly me. 5 years of social and economic stagnation.  5 years of physical and emotional deterioration. He was finally able to “tell off” his real and/or perceived enemies.  […]