Final Analysis of Lovie Smith Firing: A Return to Everything Pre-Lovie Smith?

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I think the decision to fire Lovie Smith wasn’t completely unfounded, I just question the timing of it (a 10-6 season), juxtaposed with Phil Emery’s expectations of remaining a competitive playoff team.

By that stated expectation, anything less than 10-6 and/or no playoff birth should be considered a failure.

It all seems like too much change for a veteran team.

A reply from a poster on sums up my feelings

Emery told us that this isn’t a rebuilding period yet we have just hired new coaches for all three phases of the game. Now we enter an off-season with a lot of our core players in place that are supposed to build off of a 10-6 season yet they all will be learning new systems and in new methods under Trestman’s coaching staff. That alone is a lot of change in hopes of a seamless transition for a veteran team. Now add in that while they are teaching their new systems, they are suppose to fix the OLine, turn Cutty into a consistent QB and not let our defense falter. Those are some pretty high expectations on a first time HC in the NFL and his staff.

I really don’t know how it will turn out, but it seems like Phil Emery has put Trestman in a really tough position.

A few fans seem to already be concocting a built-in excuse for Trestman if they don’t win:  the defense is too old!

Whatever the outcome, the timing and a few of the hires afterward seem kind of odd.

GM Phil Emery was with the Bears as a scout before Lovie Smith from 1998-2004, the losing Bears teams.

It seems like his hirings so far are like a revenge against something, like a return to everything before the reign of Lovie Smith;  the hiring of Trestman who hasn’t coached in the NFL since 2004 and the return of Matt Cavanaugh.

One of the most WTF moves in this hire was the signing of Matt Cavanaugh as Quarterbacks Coach.  The same Matt Cavanaugh was an offensive coordinator for Dave Wannstedt’s very unsuccessful 1997 4-12 Bears who could never make Rick Mirer into anything worthwhile, but I was assured by some posters that it would be Trestman (and his newly-untested offensive playcalling abilities)  making the calls.  Signing him again is like some kind of red flag for begging to suck again.

For all the talk during the coaching search of rejecting re-treads, it seems that some fans really didn’t care about the re-treads, and in fact are OK with a guy who last coached an offense for a 4-12 team and Mark Sanchez.  I mean yeah, he coached Mark Sanchez to survival up to AFC Championship games, but “survival” is not what we need for a quarterback with actual abilities.

The only, but overwhelmingly glaring problem the Bears had was an offensive line that couldn’t give enough time for Cutler to throw or room for Forte to run.  That still is the problem and if new quality personnel isn’t drafted and/or signed, it will likely continue to be, if everything else doesn’t fall apart.

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