A “Necessary” Loss Against the Texans

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  • Before the game started, I was telling myself, I’d be OK if the Bears lost, but at least made it competitive.  I think they achieved that in this game if there’s any such thing as a moral victory.  It’s a regular season game, as long as they make the playoffs and the super bowl, nobody will care.
  • But still….arrrrrghhh.
  • Turnover mania in the first half.  That and a non-existent offense is what lost the game.  I was actually hoping the defense would get on the field to make an offensive play during the 2nd half.
  • Every time I find myself seeing the refs giving unfair calls, I know the game is going to be uphill.  It seemed like the refs were really fucking with the Bears mightily this game.  A lot of momentum was taken out of the game when the refs called Jay Cutler for the forward pass and the Bears were forced to put in the ultra-conservative game managing Jason Campbell.
  • The Bears D was solid for the most part, aside from an Arian Foster TD.  I absolutely am confident in it from top to bottom.
  • I am absolutely not confident in the Bears Offense other than Brandon Marshall’s abilities to catch and run.  Jay Cutler is always getting injured in important games and really, if the long ball isn’t there don’t go for it.
  • Jason Campbell was managing the game OK, but man I wish he just tossed it up for Marshall a few times.  Nothing terrible, but man, absolutely nothing great.
  • Kellen Davis’ abilities as a pass-catching and running TE don’t deserve the honor of being talked about, just a head shake and tsk tsk will be enough.
  • I was cringing at how they tried to force feed Forte.   
  • If the Bears are serious about the increasingly-limited Jay as their QB, the Bears should just finally invest in an offensive line or something.
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