UCLA-Oregon State Lessons from Losing

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Yet another deflating loss after another hot start.  This is usually the part of the season where I throw in the towel on UCLA football, though this loss was a bit different.  But still, a loss.  I hope were still ranked tomorrow.

What annoyed me most were the announcers who were celebrating the play of Mannion, when it’s clear his stats were bumped by two long TD passes.


  • Seems like they were too focused on getting Jonathan Franklin and Steven Manfro the ball;  what worked was getting the ball from Brett Hundley to Shaq Evans in deep
  • The long pass from Brett Hundley is a thing of beauty, and effectiveness.  Still 372 yards on a bad day.  Despite the 42 attempts, it seems like they didn’t throw enough earlier.  Seems like throwing would’ve been the way out against a tough run defense.


  • Seems like this defense is lacking anyone with top speed and is very susceptible to conceding the big play;  the corners and safeties seem really slow.  I kept looking up when Safety Dietrich Riley would return.  Doesn’t seem to be any time this season.
  • LB Anthony Barr, Loyola High School of Los Angeles, made me proud once again to keep re-iterate that.  He and Jordan Zumwalt were the only bright spots of the defense.
  • CB Sheldon Price, burned twice.  I looked up his profile and it says he was a track champion and leads the nation with 4 interceptions.  Means he’s as fast as anyone as we’ve got, but it seems to extremely tough doing single-man coverage

Special Teams

  • Jeff Locke is one hell of a kicker, never have seen so many touchbacks
  • Ka’imi Faiburn, nerves get him again, hopefully he becomes a mentally stronger kicker, this is too much
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