Thoughts, Thesis and Otherwise: Milieus, Communities, Conditionalizing

Posted on September 11, 2012 by


  • As I read my thesis, this thought came to mind:  Who are the interpretive communities, milieus of readers?
  • Thinking also of language as an imperfect, “not-whole” tool.  “Not-whole” meaning “not all there” or “all put-together.”  Then thinking of “cultural scripts” in the vein of Jim Stigler, and how the “scripts” are words we’ve brought out before that we may have used in parallel situations
  • Teachers/instructors are there to “conditionalize” knowledge for students;  textbooks are there to state laws and maxims?
  • As for thoughts on the actual thesis project:  Damn, sure is hard building rapport and being out of the loop.  Seems like people are a lot more tunnel-visioned nowadays in days where people are immersed in something.
  • Thinking about the ideas of infrastructure, jobs, and social structure and how it seems really disadvantageous to go out of your way to help anyone.  There’s not much infrastructure for people to go out there, do good, and help others.  There is however a lot of infrastructure for people to go out there, be selfish, seek their own means survival, often to the detriment of others.  Perhaps that’s what the lure of gangs in the 1990s and before were, they were an infrastructure not for doing good, but the best infrastructure available for some. A more available infrastructure than the infrastructure for doing good.  It seems like you need to be in good social standing before you even do good, and when you do good, you’re doing it for charity.  Doing good seems to be predicated on you already having been established;  its something you do as a hobby, but not as a profession.  When you’re poor it’s like your moral duty to survive by any means, though.  You must chase money first and foremost.