UCLA Football Is Back? Nebraska-UCLA

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  • After the game against Rice, which I did not see, I was excited to see what QB Brett Hundley could do.  From very early in this game, I didn’t get any feeling that he was panicked.  Took his time under pressure, made big runs.  The words that surged to my mind, “composed, cool, industrial.”  Industrial.  Industrial meaning able to work on a broad scale, and take lots of punishment.  However, didn’t like how he was limping on his ankle.
  • This was the first time I actually learned we have wide receivers.  They seem to be no better, no worse than past receivers, but it looks like they’ll get more chances to get the ball this season.
  • RB Jonathan Franklin.  Started really slow, but wow his name for this night was synonymous with “motor.” RB Thigpen, #25 waiting in the wings.  I like how UCLA utilizes multiple running backs.
  • Before the game started, LB Anthony Barr was named an impact player.  Not at all disappointing.  Bonus:  he went to my high school.
  • Defense overall looked slow and sluggish in the first half.  In 2nd half, I had no idea what happened;  all of a sudden Barr, LB Damien Holmes, LB Jordan Zumwalt were on TV.  The secondary had the chance to make plenty of picks as the pressure turned up, but showed why they don’t play wide receiver.
  • QB Richard Brehaut, wow, I can’t believe at some point this guy was UCLA’s best quarterback.  He symbolized everything about the last few years of UCLA football:  where completing a pass was just an impossible task, almost like he was doing us a big favor every time he threw the ball.  For the sake of this season, let’s hope that Brehaut never has to play again, not even for fake punts.
  • The new kicker Fairburn needs more pressure situations during practice or something.  That was pretty bad and maddening.
  • Nebraska, ranked 16th coming into this game, looked every bit tough and explosive in the 1st half;  I was amazed at how their own high-octane offense, including a maddening 92 yard run by their QB Taylor Martinez.  Shocking to see the UCLA defense hold this offense that had scored 24 points and gained over 300 yards of offense to just 6 points in the 2nd half.  It was like the offensive momentum lead to defensive momentum.
  • Overall:  I’d forgotten what the UCLA fight song sounded like, I didn’t hear it so much till today’s game.  But caution, UCLA’s done well in its first few game against what looked to be tough teams (Tennessee, Texas).   However, I think this team looked like it had more fight and gave me more confidence than teams in the past.  We do have what looks like an easy schedule till USC this year;  hopefully that doesn’t make this team soft.
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