At the Intersection of my Thesis Proposal and Life

Posted on August 25, 2012 by


Thoughts I’ve Been Having

  • Street (1984) argues that when one teaches literacy, one teaches “not just about phonetics or technical ‘skills’ but about a whole approach to the use of one’s own language and control over one’s own life” (p. 15). (Costanzo 2009: 25)
  • Thought about autodidacts.  They would be a foil against the idea of a “community of practice.”  I wonder how many mathematicians, STEM people are such.  If not many fill the criteria, then community and environment does have a major impact.  What about that community and environment then makes people more apt and likely to succeed in the time-pressured, test-dependent environment of schooling?  I suspect that it is something in language and language practices.
  • Neutering is really disgusting practice.  A human-centric practice for an owner’s convenience.  I wanted to get that out there.
  • As I was heading towards Temecula for the wine and balloon festival, I was looking at the stores along the freeway.  The same old stores, the McDonalds, the Marshall’s, the big name corporations resemble icons we all want on our computer screen.  People want those things wherever they are.   They want it to perform the same functions.  People on the Mac want to see the Safari compass, the calculator, the settings on their computer screens when they first open it.
  • Wondering about how to increase web traffic to a website by making a metaphor with what drives street traffic.  All I’ve got so far:  what drives car traffic are jobs, and lots of destinations and trajectories that people want to follow and are attracted to, and need to get to in time.
  • About all these lone wolf shootings:  Columbine shooters, Gabby Giffords shooter, Dark Knight Shooter, the VA Tech shooter.  Everyone always seems to be isolated.  They all seem very loosely connected to social fabrics and infrastructures.  Any connections to people, places, and things they had were likely to be on a perceived social periphery;  I think that they are all people who have been pushed off from connecting to a center, an infrastructure, a passageway, and perhaps saw no other choice.
  • Once you categorize something or label it, you weave it into an infrastructure for how to respond to it. Wondering about how gangs are social infrastructure in the ‘hood.  It’s how a fraction of young people get   Police know how to respond to anyone associated with ‘gangs’ and can justify any shooting by calling it ‘gang-related.’