2012 Summer Olympics Coverage Journal – 8/5/2012 – Insane Usain and Missy Franklin

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Today’s Observations

2nd day of track, most of which I missed.  During prime-time was the 100 Meter Final.

Before that though, they showed the qualification rounds to the 100 Meter Final.  They did a segment on sprinter Yohan Blake and how he played cricket.  Yohan Blake was billed as the man to beat Usain Bolt with good reason.  He beat him at the Jamaican Olympic trials earlier in the year and won the 2011 World Championships.  They showed him playing cricket, having a playful spirit, showing an appetite for hard work.

I was intrigued by all personalities shown in front of the camera, just before the actual 100 Meter Final.

In the end, Insane Usain, with Yohan Blake in 2nd, and American Justin Gatlin finishing 3rd.  I felt really bad for Tyson Gay, who finished 4th in 9.8 seconds.  Had this been the 2004 Olympics, he would’ve won the gold.  NBC Coverage didn’t appear to cover his heartbreak or anything like that, they just focused on the awesomeness of Usain and the ease with which he ran.

Saw a profile of 400 Meter runner Sanya Richards-Ross just before her semi-final.  In the crowd, they actually featured her parents.  They don’t show the parents of track athletes very often.

They showed 1500 Meter runner Matthew Centrowitz’s heat for a little bit.  No lengthy profile or anything, we were just shown his heat and were told what “a great tactician” he was as he was making his way to finishing 3rd to qualify for the finals.

In gymnastics, I saw a replay of what Mckayla Moroney do what she did best, the vault.  I’d known that she’d won silver by seeing a local show earlier.  Couldn’t stop laughing at the expression on her face in the photo below.

The photo captured everything my girlfriend thought about her when she first heard her in an interview:  entitled, unhappy, ungrateful.

It seemed like the announcer was fixated on telling us how she was the prohibitive favorite. Found out that Gabby Douglas was the most tweeted athlete.

They did yet another Missy Franklin interview and montage.  It featured her family and home video and viewing parties back in Colorado.