2012 Summer Olympics Coverage Journal – 8/2/2012

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Today’s Observations

I didn’t catch much of the Today show today, had to leave early.

Ryan Lochte and Michael Phelps show on Today again, though I do appreciate Lochte shouting out how he and Phelps have “Lil Wayne” bumping on their radio.

I notice that the track commercials are finally surging up.  August 3, tomorrow is when Track & Field officially begins.

Via the internet and searching the Today show website for material for my past journals, I’d seen that Gabby Douglas had won the women’s all-around gymnastics final.  I was pumped.

Not long after, I caught a slew of articles that mentioned the fact that she was the first African-American to win gold.  It’s funny, this part about her, being African-American seemed to be ignored until she accomplished something.  I guess a racial identity is something to be ignored until an accomplishment has been achieved.

I did not watch too much Olympics today until the time came to watch Gabby Douglas and Aly Reisman perform as if to confirm that there was not internet hoax and Douglas really actually won.

I watched the introductions.  There was a poem written by Olympic Champion Nastia Liukin who said that it was Aly and Gabby’s day.

They stressed that Aly was a leader, and focused on how she had a steadying effect on the team.  She was smart enough to take something out of her routine.

Gabby was there with her Chinese coach, Liang Chow.  I’ve wondered why they haven’t featured him much.  On second thought, it doesn’t seem like they interview coaches of Team USA very much in general.


Bob Costas had an interesting statement about Gabby’s win.  It went “though the color barrier has been broken, some cultural barriers still exist.  Gabby went out of her way to mention Dominique Dawes as a hero [I heard her say the 2004 Olympic Gold champion in one interview hoping she’d say Dawes, but she didn’t].  Today with her win, an African-American girl sitting at home can watch this and say to themselves, “I can do this.”

As for other sports, I am over watching swimming.  Phelps did win his 20th medal, I thought it was kinda cool how he not only mentioned tweeting Lil Wayne, but also tweeting Jay-Z.  Ryan Lochte seems to be the most overly hyped Olympian of all time as he racks up the Silver and Bronze medals, not bad, but definitely not Phelps.  At any rate, it honestly seems like both are cool dudes, it’s just that NBC chooses to focus on them sooooo much.

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