2012 Summer Olympics Coverage Journal – 7/31/2012

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Today’s Observations

I didn’t remember too much of the Today Show on 7/31, but I did catch bits of Brian Williams’ program discussing some athletes.

He said “the focus is in the pool”, that it was a “signature event.”  In my head, I was thinking that it was the only reason “the focus” was in the pool” was because NBC wanted to focus its viewers in the pool.  If the US was good at badminton, “the focus” would’ve been “on the badminton court.”

At some point in the Olympics coverage, an ad was promoting the Gymnastics team final.  Despite not qualifying nor being the captain, Jordyn Wieber was talked about as “leading the team back.”  More power to Jordyn and her career, but it felt like Gabby Douglas and Aly Reisman’s efforts were made invisible.

The actual Olympics events were somewhat more exciting:  Gymnastics, Diving, and yet more swimming.

My girlfriend, a former gymnast, usually not so critical of media, got  irritated with the swimming events interrupting “her” gymnastics.  It was a fun time seeing these ladies of Women’s gymnastics put the holy goddamnit on their flips.  First the vaults with Gabby Douglas setting the tone.  Then Jordyn Wieber redeeming herself.  Then the “specialist” from Long Beach McKayla Moroney performing a perfect vault.

My girlfriend and I had a running joke about McKayla Moroney.  She’d seen McKayla Moroney being interviewed by the Today Show anchors and immediately disliked how “she tried to dominate” the talking time from Aly Reisman and Kyla Ross.  Takes one to know one, I joked.  I kept chiding her and telling her that McKayla was “her girl”, being that McKayla was from Long Beach, and she was from across the bridge in Wilmington.  I joked that maybe McKayla went to her school.

McKayla did her vault well which my girlfriend was happy for.  “Now get back in line!” my girlfriend joked.

Some time during the broadcast we were also treated to seeing the women’s diving finals.  Diving doesn’t appear to be a sport that Americans are good at;  it’s a sport dominated by the Chinese, but given NBC’s Euro-Ameri-centrism it was actually shown on prime time TV.  The medalists:  China with the gold, “business as usual”, Mexico with the surprising silver, and Canada with some Brazilian-looking girls with cute big butts eatin’ up the TV.

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