2012 Summer Olympics Coverage Journal – 7/30/2012

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Today’s Observations


On the Today show they talked a lot about Jordyn Wieber’s failure to make it into the US Women’s all-around final.  Some talked about how it was unfair that the World champion, who placed 4th overall in a field of 24 would not be competing because her two teammates had already taken up the US spots;  Aly Reisman and Gabby Douglas had placed 1 and 2 respectively in the overall competition yesterday.  Gabby Douglas had one disasterous tumble during a floor exercise.


For whatever reason, NBC avoided making it about Jordyn Wieber vs. Gabby Douglas.   Instead, it was painted as if it was Jordyn vs. Aly Reisman.  Maybe that was to avoid controversies about “preferential treatment” that Gabby had.  Instead the male commentator got around saying that by saying, “Jordyn Wieber” was “underscored” in her last two events. 

By now, I’ve been oversaturated by swimming.  At some point in the coverage, were treated to an interview with Ryan Lochte as his home training and with his personal coach.  Every freaking swmming event seems the same after a while.

One thing I have noticed in watching these Olympics is how much they love to show the parents of the star Olympic athletes.  They’ve interviewed Michael Phelps’ mom, swimmer Missy Franklin’s mom, and loved showing the reaction of Aly Reisman’s mom. 

Men’s Gymnastics

I’d seen the results with a picture of Bronx Dominican John Orozco falling:  they didn’t win.  So I was already de-moralized just watching it.  So, I would watch it seeing where they went wrong. 

With NBC’s presentation, it seems like they tried to mimic the branding and presentation of women’s gymnastics, except no theme song.

I was pumped to see “dos Latinos” representing the USA.

However, the presentation and the athletes appear to be a lot more serious and less jovial itself.  

I have yet to see or hear about the parents of the gymnasts Dannell Leyva or John Orozco.  Even though their stories are on the internet, it isn’t broadcast for viewers to see;  it’s not forced upon the platform, its only a platform you have to search for.

John Orozco lost it on the pommel horse and had a bad vault.  I mock cried watching it, despite already knowing the outcome.

Today Show Segments



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  • Video: Natalie Coughlin: I could still swim in relay
  • Al Roker gives lesson on British weather slang
  • Walk, don’t run: TODAY anchors learn Olympic racewalking
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  • Meet Queen Elizabeth’s skydiving stunt double
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