2012 Summer Olympics Coverage Journal – 7/28/2012

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Today’s Observations

I watched hours and hours of Olympics coverage this first day of the Olympics, but I am writing this journal in retrospect.  I took a break for running, and then going to edit my friend’s memoir.

  • Cycling is an exciting sport.  It seems like the announcers were expecting some Great Brit or American guy to win.  The talk for the last 30-40-minutes of the race was about how those guys “were in position” to “make a move”, that is, accelerate and sprint their way to victory.  Instead they were treated to a race between a rider from Kazakhstan and another rider from Colombia, as if both just came out of nowhere.  Two cyclists from non-favorite countries, they were clearly at a loss for words.  Turns out the rider from Kazakhstan was a veteran rider and had won some 50 races or so.
  • To my amazement, women’s basketball was on television against Croatia. This is one of the few sports where black women are actually visible and front and center.  The game started slowly.  Then the US picked it up.  Then, Croatia hit some 3 point shots to keep it close throughout.  NBC Announcers appeared to be slightly excited about the possibility of Croatia pulling off an upset till the US pulled away late in the 4th quarter.  I don’t know if its just me but there’s just been so little promotion of this sport.
  • Men’s beach volleyball.  Forgot how tall some of those guys could be.  One of them was 6’9, I wondered why he didn’t just play basketball.