2012 Summer Olympics Coverage Journal – 7/27/2012

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Today’s Observations

Missed the Today Show, or at least I don’t remember what happened on that day.

The Today Show won’t post updates of its July 27th show.


I did watch most of the pre-Olympics stuff.

I took notes on a local Los Angeles program called “Most Fascinating Olympians.”  I did expect that to be more diverse, just because the LA Demographic is diverse.

The rundown of athletes on the program

  • They discussed swimmer Tyler Cleary, his engineering major, and his proclamation of nerd-dom.  He’s multi-talented with a particular interest in electronics.
  • They briefly mentioned Kyla Ross from Mission Viejo and Mackayla Maroney from Long Beach were set to perform the next morning
  • One segment covered Bryshun Nellum, from USC, who was shot in the leg in 2008 by gang members.  He underwent 3 years of rehab.  Going to the Olympics is about “fulfilling a dream.”
  • Another segment featured swimmer Jessica Hardy from Long Beach.  By accident, she tested positive for a banned substance.  She suffered through PTSD.  Some kind of brain-enhancing techniques called neurotopia helped her deal with stress.
  • Carmelita Jeter from Cal State Dominguez Hills and Allyson Felix from USC were briefly mentioned as “medal favorites”
  • A segment featured Katuna Lorig, of archery, who served as some kind of consultant to the character who played Katniss Eberdeen in Hunger Games.
  • A segment featured beach volleyball superstar Misty May-Treanor, aiming for her 3rd straight gold medal
  • Another segment featured young boxer Joseph Diaz of South El Monte, who was bullied as a child and sees boxing as the way to financial stability for his family
  • Another segment featured Hammer Thrower Jessica Cosby who competed in 2008 in Beijing.  She found out after the Olympics in the 2008 that she was replaced as coach at UCLA and that her proposed marriage would not go through.  She then tested positive for a banned substance but found out it was because of some pill she was taking. Now she’s bak, engaged again, and feels like she has some unfinished business
  • They briefly featured Alex Morgan, another woman’s soccer player who appeared in some kind of revealing photos.  They said the received a lot of wedding proposals after those photos went into Sports Illustrated.
  • They ended with a segment on basketball superstar Kobe Bryant.  He talked to local sportscaster Fred Roggin about being an older statesman for the team and growing up in LA.

Opening Ceremonies on NBC

The Opening Ceremony was just embarassingly bad compared to Beijing.  I knew it was going to be bad when they were wheeling in sod into their Olympic stadium.  I just knew that they couldn’t hash together in kind of synchronicity.  What I found myself doing was youtubing Beijing’s opening ceremonies and looking at Twitter and my message boards for further commentary on the events taking place.

Some interesting tidbits I read on the Twittersphere:  NBC covering up an Opening Ceremony tribute to victims of terrorism in London.

NBC instead played an interview of Michael Phelps, conducted by God Ryan Seacrest.

I also thought the kids jumping on the bed was kind of bad, but I liked the concept it was promoting:  universal health care.  It took me reading a bunch of tweets to get that concept and re-evaluate my earlier evaluation of “bad.”

I then read from a poster on a message board that had seen the celebration earlier (Los Angeles viewers of NBC see a tape-delayed version) who said that the celebration referenced every pop culture meme related to Britain.  This tainted made my viewing, but when I found out that the ceremony was directed by Slumdog Millionaire Director Peter Boyle, I lent a bit more sympathy to the concepts he attempted to communicate and elicit — still not sure that he was a good fit for a live opening ceremony.

Basketball had started its exhibition games already, but its as if women’s soccer was the official beginning of the games for the Today Show.  Ironically, I was thinking and it was mentioned to my by the River woman that basketball is the quintessential American sport.