2012 Summer Olympics Coverage Journal – 7/26/2012

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Today’s Observations:

Woke up late today.  Caught only snippets of the Today Show, and the rest I caught up with on the Internet.

I watched them interview members of the Women’s and Men’s Water Polo team.

Watching the Women’s and Men’s Water Polo team:  It brought on this thought:  I wonder why there’s no such unity for Women’s and Men’s gymnastics;  it’s like they’re just two different, separate entities.  You don’t get the sense that Jordyn Wieber knows John Orozco.  All we seem to hear about is women’s gymnastics, never the men’s.  I guess women’s gymnastics has always been about America’s “sweethearts.”

They actually interviewed wrestlers Jordan Burroughs and Ellis Coleman.  They’re black.  Seems like they’re quick to come up with nicknames for the black stars of these Olympics.  Half-kidding.  The “Flying Squirrel” is officially the nickname of both gymnast Gabby Douglas and Ellis Coleman.

After reading the Today Show’s website for a recap of today’s events, the classic ad for diversity:

The bone I’ll pick:  There’s definitely diversity in the ad.  But it’s just merely a “show” of diversity rather than any “investment” or “commitment” to it.  I define the “show of diversity” as merely running through and merely skimming through lots of people, places, or things.  NBC shows lots of different people.  But do they “invest” or “commit” in individuals from those diverse backgrounds.  My bullshit-o-meter says no.  I think I see diversity more in commercials than feature presentations.

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