Small Insight on Movements for Justice

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Yesterday.  Memorial day.  City of Wilmington.  Small city in LA, known for industry and pollution, populated mainly by Mexicans and blacks.  Girlfriend’s Family.

I was just listening to how her high school aged sister was standing up for herself in high school.  The high school age sister, whom I will call GF SISTER is entering calculus next year, plays basketball, and apparently isn’t well-liked by other girls, perhaps because of her combination of beauty, intelligence, and street-smarts.

A boy had been harassing her at school for a couple of weeks.

She’d had enough and slapped him.  Embarrassing to the boy.

The boy then called his cousin, and the cousin called a group of her friends to confront her. The cousin confronted her by the lockers while she was with her team.  GF SISTER put her bags down and was ready to fight, but her team told her to cool off.

At one of her games, more people than usual were watching in the stands.  The cousin had enlisted about 50 people to apparently fight GF SISTER after the game, apparently in retaliation for that little slap that GF SISTER had administered to a boy that had allegedly harassed her.

I thought, “wow, why couldn’t there be this instant movement of people for some type of justice towards something systematic?”

Like for Oscar Grant or for full Filipino American Veteran benefits.

I guess I’ll be partly answering my own question when we see that the conflict I outlined above is kin-network-driven, where matters are strictly theirs, as opposed to the broader, abstract cause of an imagined community usually taken on by an imagined “someone else.”

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