Community College Students Most Likely to Use Pedagogical Devices in Textbooks

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Weiten, Wayne, Daniel Deguara, Erika Rehmke, and Laura Sewell. 1999. “University, Community College, and High School Students’ Evaluations of Textbook Pedagogical Aids.” Teaching of Psychology 26 (1) (January 1): 19 –21.

Methods: 200 students from selective regional university located in urban area, 189 students from a large urban community college, 130 students from an urban high school taking a voluntary survey during a regularly scheduled class.


  1. Chapter Outlines
  2. Learning Objectives
  3. Chapter Summaries
  4. Section Summaries
  5. Boldfaced Terms
  6. Running Glossaries
  7. Chapter Glossaries
  8. Pronunciation Guides
  9. Italics for Emphasis
  10. Chapter Review Exercise
  11. Learning Checks
  12. Demonstrations
  13. Discussion Questions
  14. Organizational Questions
  15. Self-Tests (p.20)


  • Community college students are the most likely to report using student aids (p.20).

The 5 Pedagogical Devices in Textbook that Students are likely to use:

  1. Boldfaced Technical Terms
  2. Running Glossaries
  3. Chapter Glossaries
  4. Chapter Summaries
  5. Self-Tests
  • GPA correlates positively with community college students’ likelihood of using pedagogical aids (p.21)
  • Future research:  Ask students to read chapters from introductory texts with and without specific learning aids to determine what impact the devices might have on mastery of the material (p.21)