Best of the Jeremy Lin Media

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The phenomena that is Lin-Sanity is cooling down a little.

Probably because there’s only one basketball to go around on his team, the Knicks.  He’s playing with talented players who need the ball to be effective.  I like Carmelo Anthony, I like Amar’e Stoudemire and their own stories, but what’s been shown so far is that their games don’t mesh as much as Knicks fans would want it to.  I actually am rooting for them to get it together, with of course Lin-Sanity leading the way.

I knew about Jeremy Lin when he first got to Summer League.  To me he was already a superstar just by virtue of making it to the NBA.

I grew up around lots of Filipino kids and adults who loved to play basketball.  Basketball is in the realm of common-place Filipino activities as much as nursing, following Manny Pacquiao’s fights, and karaoke-ing.  Every weekend morning, whether I am in the Park at Panorama City or at Bellevue Park in Silver Lake, there are Filipino males getting their basketball on.  The Philippines itself is the #1 market for the NBA in Asia.  Despite that rabid widespread interest in basketball in the Filipino community, there have been very few who have made it.

I guess its cool that Raymond Townsend made the NBA at one point.  I was like “hell yeah” when I found out that Golden State Warriors guard, and 3-time Slam Dunk Champion Nate Robinson was 1/8th Filipino.  And of course there’s Erik Spoelstra, coach of the Miami Heat, who suddenly looks more and more Filipino every time I see him on camera;  just waiting for him to bust out a barong to cement in mainstream heads the idea of Filipinos playing basketball.

Jeremy Lin isn’t Filipino, but he falls into the category of Asian that Filipinos are a part of.  Asians, Filipinos, were all kind of united by rice, respect for the family, marginalization here in America;  we row the same boats, pun intended.  So Jeremy Lin was practically family, and I’d wanted him to do good the moment I heard about him.

I loosely tracked his progress, wondered if he’d ever get the chance. Didn’t expect much, maybe at best he’d be a 7 ppg scorer or a contributor some day.

I saw that he’d made his own youtube channel and made videos with one of my favorite youtubers KevJumba.

He made a video on his own channel about his workout regimen.  It looked intense for a non-star player.

I wondered if he had what it took to make it.


The Nets game where he came off the bench to score 25.  The first time he scored more than 20 points in a highly-visible game and a game where he actually led the team to victory.

Ru-dy Ru-dy Ru-dy type moment.

Even realizing that basketball is not that big a deal in the bigger scheme of things that there are probably lots of Noble-Prize winning Asians figuring things, I’d never felt so much pride in an Asian dude doing something in a world that I love watching and wanted to be a part of, but knew that my kind of people had/have little chance of making it, unless they were 7’6.

With subsequent viewings, I was watching and re-watching pumping my fist at all the highlights.  It was cathartic.

As was every passing game.

By the next game, he was named the starting point guard for the New York Knicks.

If you don’t follow basketball, being named a starting point guard is like being given a promotion.

This after just one extraordinary game, his first game playing “meaningful” minutes.

Lin-Sanity reached a crescendo when he scored 38 points against the Lakers.

I watched that game while preparing a presentation for a conference.

The knicks won 9 games, and lost 2 with Jeremy Lin as the starter.

There were articles about his meteoric rise from NBA unknown (he still had lots of media requests in his rookie year) to American hot topic.

Sports Illustrated had him on their cover.



Such a phenomena Lin-Sanity has been that Time Magazine had him on their cover.


The stuff of movies.

There were tons of articles produced, a few of the more poignant ones was one that explained the phenomena of Lin-Sanity and one in the New York Times about his family’s story of making it as immigrants.

Last but not least, there was the humorous discourse produced during Lin-Sanity.

Lin-Sanity started in February 2012. Its no secret that the NBA is full of black players. Larry Wilmore and Jon Stewart made funnies about it as in the link below.

One of the funnier pieces of media was of the unintentional variety;  some sorority girl who asked for a date with Jerry Lin, apparently a black football player for the New York Giants.

White girl approval!

And finally, a video made parodying people who are indifferent or mad at the kid for making it.