The Necessity for High-Quality in Photography and Videography

Posted on February 17, 2012 by


DSLR cameras.

I’ve never had one but I’ve seen many a person walk with one.

I would then look at the quality of the pictures taken with those cameras. I was often nonplussed and then I wondered:  what could that $500 camera do that my $100 “point-and-shoot” couldn’t do?  It was very confusing.

When I think about how much time and effort people put into quality, I think of videos in the Rodney King beatings or Oscar Grant killings.

Clearer video would’ve helped each of their cases.  The ambiguity in faces and motions gave the officers in question an out to explain away their actions.

However, the fact that the videographers were there capturing these events were still massive pieces of evidence in both cases, and still in my opinion much more valuable, especially as pieces of information to a story than the best composed butterfly-ish, nature-y picture.

Quality is important when available and feasible, but never at the expense of content and the story behind them, as evidenced by this below.

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