Running Is Re-Socialization and Acculturation of the Body

Posted on February 16, 2012 by


I have not run much in the past 6 months since Fall Semester started, but am slowly getting back to it.

Before Fall Semester started, I was running almost every day, religiously following Hal Higdon’s Advanced 5K schedule, en route to trying to become a medal winner for the Historic Filipinotown 5K runs in August. Didn’t succeed this past year and quickly fell off as the work for school piled on.

Back at it. Now struggling to get back to a running pace that I felt was good.  Every time I take time off of running, I feel I have to re-adapt.  Get my body used to running again.

As I was struggling on the strides, I was thinking about how I’ve been struggling to learning Spanish and Khmer.  Every time I take time off from not using any of the language, I feel I have to re-adapt.

Get my mind and mouth used speaking the language again.

Speaking a language is basically, using rhythms to ultimately access or limit something to someone/something.

Running, after a long or not having done it break, is the same way. Have to get the body used to rhythms that would ultimately help me access a faster, more efficient time.

Acculturating and socialization is the same way.  Acculturating and socialization events are about getting an immigrant used to rhythms that help maintain life here in America.