Things Have to Become Horrible Before Molds Are Broken

Posted on February 15, 2012 by


No choice.

There was no choice but…

Barack Obama.

There was no choice but…

Jeremy Lin.

I remember an Onion Article titled “Nation Finally Shitty Enough to Make Social Progress” at around the time Barack Obama was elected.  The Onion is a satirical publication, but sometimes there’s a lot of truth in what they write.

Not taking away from Barack’s talent as a speaker and universal appeal, but I do wonder if he’d been able to break the mold as President if the situation in our country wasn’t what it was and arguably still is:  a gigantic, faltering mess. There wasn’t a good alternative and so part of the vote went to Barack because there was no other choice.

In the world of professional basketball, the New York Knicks were in a situation that wasn’t good.  Before what is now known as Lin-Sanity, the Knicks had a losing record and were a gigantic, faltering mess.  They didn’t have any good alternative to and so the coach of the Knicks had no other choice but.