The Year that Were: Moments in 2011

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I usually do not celebrate years, I just celebrate moments, but as I look back at this year in anticipation of the next, I found many of note

A year of goings, a year of comings

In the club or in the car
Whether it was V beach, or The Beach

I suppose, just like every other year

But none that pulled, tugged, or cut as deep

As the sight of being whipped with a rose of thorns
The sound of nails on boobs and arms
The thought of surviving an Asian mom
Or the reality of losing a particular one

Not a cesspool, but a cess-ocean at times

No choice but to swim with the currents

Ride this b out

Not in Hollywood
Never was my side of town puti man

But a boogey down in C-Town
Cambodia- or China-
Where we brought the house down
during a summertime in the LBC
2 of Amerikaz most wanted

A fair where we sang, drank, and ate our hearts out
Revisiting a site where currents were crashing
Consuming spices before we
Retired to a garden of peace

Never felt more alive than when
Before and after the arun
We transformed this space for skeletons to be watched
into a place for flesh to meet
Music didn’t make it

We made music

All it takes is to extend a kamay
A community building

My kind of occupation
Detoxing the suburb
Building a new one
If possible from instruction manuals

A protagonist maybe

If we could make money doing that
We’d be the 1%

99 problems
10 commandments was one
Challenges of 11 I spun

2012 you should be fun.

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