Asian Male Hero Finally in a Blockbuster Film

Posted on January 15, 2011 by


So the first movie I see in 2011.  Green Horn…et.

Green Hornet represents something I’d been having wet dreams about ever since Harold and Kumar; a heterosexual Asian male lead character with an accent who’s actually cool AND kinda gets the female, a freakin’ white girl, albeit an aged, 250,000-miles on her Cameron Diaz.

The wet dreams weren’t about Harold and Kumar and/or Asian males, but rather about the thought of “us” being represented in a way that actually makes us seem cool.  This isn’t cool in the Jackie Chan or Bruce Lee somewhat detached, impersonal kind of cool, but somewhat “American” cool that we can relate to.

The Asian male, Jay Chou, plays kind of a batman-type character basically designing all this dope technology and doing tons of martial arts.  Meanwhile, the white guy, Seth Rogen, plays the overly-confident rich white boy wannabe ladies man.  It’s obvious to the audience that Chou is the “real” superhero.  What accentuated that focus on Chou was how Rogen tried to impose himself as THE super-hero, something that generally doesn’t bother Chou, but becomes important when they get into beef over Cameron Diaz.  I wonder if that was just poking fun at all the years of AzN quiet 2nd fiddle roles.