On the Road to Chicago

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So as part of the writer’s workshop of which this site is a part, I am currently road tripping to Chicago with 2 other people from the SF Valley in LA, Edren and Russell, and a dude from Vegas pen-named K.Sao. Whenever I get to a computer with internet access, I’ll spit something.

What we want to get out of this trip: how the process of writing evolves in “writers.”

Honestly, I don’t think “writers” writing is anything all that heroic or noble. Writing can’t directly cure cancer nor can it feed the world or at least it doesn’t seem so.

But then again, writing holds up the very infrastructure that has driven our human society to larger scales and even stranger entangled complexities. If we can’t read and we can’t write, we won’t be able to comprehend directions of how to produce and re-produce technology and the infrastructure that holds us up. Writing is a way of flash freezing information to bridge distances between places and peoples. It is a memory upon which we use to build an infinite variety of things.

Today’s thoughts:

-I’ve been struck by all the public works and infrastructure so deeply embedded in what looks to be the most remote areas of the United States. I see endless streaks of power lines and rocks and fences and paved roads, I wonder what the construction crews looked like back then and why the hell they even bothered

-Sparked by my book on the evolution of American medicine, K.Sao started talking to me about conspiracy theories in the US. I don’t doubt what he says, but I can also anticipate what other people would have to say, and go ahead and label him a crazy. I wanted to know his reaction to those “other people.”

-Outsourcing knowledge to other people is a type of surrendering. Example, Edren kept saying that he’s not good at math, and outsourced all the accounting to me. Not that I mind or that there is anything wrong with it, but applied to social cognition, if we keep going at that rate, surrendering our limitations to other people, its as if only experts are allowed to do any of the thinking.

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