The Past Seems Like a Long Ass Time With More “Events”

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Rather than spending time doing these 7 quotes or less things which has come to feel more like a chore/obligation, I think it’ll be more enjoyable if I just post quotes and other tidbits of information as I go along, kinda like a twitter-ish status update.

There are just way too many books, I still take too many notes that I don’t read, though it has been better, and a lot of them repeat the same information over and over.

But when I do feel extra compelled, I will go ahead and do a 7 quotes or less on a book.

A Thought from Eviatar Zerubavel’s Time Maps

I’m paraphrasing cause I don’t have the exact phrase but I took it down because it was quite the food for my pensados.

The number of indirect contacts needed to access the past makes certain events and occurrences some longer than they are.

For example, it sounds “longer”, more distant, if you say that you are connected to Columbus 500 years ago as opposed to saying that you are linked to Columbus through ancestorship of 20 people.

In my own experience, having just recently become a library book hog on tons of subjects reading thru tons of material, days seem so much longer and event-packed than any other time. I go through so much material from google reader or academic papers to books in addition to a dose of running and Tagalog and Spanish-language TV, there’s just a lot going on. Books that I thought I rented years ago were actually only a few months ago.

In psychological mumbo-jumbo, the “mumbo-jumbo” referring to “mental events”, there are a lot of mental events going on in my mind. “Mental events” are like moments of thought that I could recall or recognize. The numerous different mental events are like little splits of stuff, like maybe chopped up pieces of licorice rather than one continuous strand of licorice. The separation of the licorice into bits and pieces makes it seem like I’m eating more; the forming of numerous events makes it seem like I’ve gone through a lot more.