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You can look but you can’t touch.

Seems to be the motto of the world we live in. We see facebook profiles, graffiti, TV, google, our iPhones, billboard ads, electronic billboard ads, freeways, skyscrapers, cars, store ads — an overwhelming amount of visual stimuli.

The main thing that technology has contributed to the human condition is the ability to bridge distances. The plane connects you and your physical presence from LA to the Phillippines in about 16 hours. The internet (or rather Google Search) connects your vision and hearing from LA to the Phillippines (or representations thereof) in 0.12 seconds.

However, those bridged distances still won’t allow us to taste, touch, or smell across distances.

I’ve been reading Daniel Everett’s account of life with the Piraha people from the Amazon.

He describes them as a “touchy-feely” people.  Unless in college or some other kind of orgiastic community,  don’t know how true that is, but assuming it is, memories of touching and feeling would probably be the void they’d spot in our society.

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