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I wrote this in this site:

I’d been sure since I transferred that I wanted to do some kind of grad school, but I also kinda like to save money and NOT waste my exchange medium on stuff I could learn at home.

Key on the word “exchange medium,” a synonym for money.

With loans we promise to pay later while we get knowledge now. Knowledge that we assume will shovel us towards better careers, implying more money. More money meaning more “exchange mediums.”

In this context we live in, money is an exchange medium as well as an object of desire, objective, or end goal.

Seems like all Sallie Mae wants to do is…(multiple gunshots firing) and take your money. The modern, legalized loan shark.

But just because I’m in debt doesn’t mean I lack stuff. In fact I have a lot of stuff, stuff that I don’t even use.  I just lack money!

Obviously, I wish that changed. I’d gladly turn my sports cards, my TV, my Playstation 2, Playstation 1, and Sega Genesis, and other electronic junk back into exchange mediums, or back into the money that will sap my debt.  Maybe I’d exchange my service as a writer too.

Juxtaposing horror stories about loan repayment, the fact that Americans have and waste the most stuff, how corporations can so freely exchange their debt, the oft-buried, yet persistent cultural meme that “another person’s trash is another person’s treasure”, the tons of yard sales I see every weekend in the Valley, and last but not least, skyrocketing unemployment, it seems like the time is ripe to have some kind of mass bartering service, where you can voluntarily exchange stuff you own or services you might provide in exchange for debt forgiveness.

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