This Is What Happens When You Miss the Other Elections

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FUCK !!!!!

I fucked up, we fucked up, FUCK!!!!

Good lord, I didn’t even bother with the May 19th Elections in California.

Even with the smattering of emails and articles from various news outlets and organizations every day, I didn’t take any time to read anything about anything politics or related to decision-making.  My attention’s been focused increasingly on money-hunting, and gearing up, training for g-school, and lately, loving the national figures named Obama and Sotomayor.

On Election Tuesday, I was playing basketball in the park, staring the polls right in the face, but I decidely didn’t care because it was far too inconvenient for me (which is a whole other issue).

Not a good idea.  In fact, a fucking very bad one, and worse that I didn’t let anybody know.

Given the horrific turnouts, these are the elections where votes can actually make a difference.

Perhaps Governor Schwarzenegger’s propositions should’ve passed. Check here as well.  Had they passed, they would’ve generated revenue for social programs, education, and other public servants.  UCLA’s Chancellor sent an email pleading for the passage of Prop 1A.

Now the Terminator is probably pissed off and is taking it out on social programs. Were about to see how election day decisions trickle down to welfare, education, and public spaces, stuff I actually do care about.

Amidst all this noise about gay marriage and Prop 8, the “other issues” like social welfare, education, and parks have been taking some serious death blows behind some motherfuckin’ soundproof windows.

The first block to drop?  State Parks.  Including a park that just opened and one where I frequently play basketball.  It is on the  list of parks that might be closed due to the budget deficit.  He couldn’t balance the budget with the propositions, so now the cuts go to schools, libraries, and parks.

The only emails I got from supposedly progressive organizations like LA Grassroots 4 Obama, ANSWER LA were about Prop 8 and protesting Obama. What the flying humping bat cocklepoo is that? Awesome, I want to end war too and root out all that imperialism, and colonialism shit too, but you’re not going to talk even a little a bit about these proposed laws that affect social programs, education, and public spaces? You know, the shit that actually pertains to community activism and community building?  Where’s the analysis of that?

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