When the Doors Open: Latinas Drive Me Cray-zeh, Latinas Drive Me Cray-zeh

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Holy shit I love Obama, which I know would disappoint some people who really know me.

But honestly, I love that he’s just breaking up turning the old boys’ clubs traditions and networks on their heads.

Obama is really priming us minority brown folk for a good future.  Priming is a method in experimental psychology of subtly predisposing an experimentee to certain responses.  It works at a subliminal level, implicitly and automatically, and has been known to work on those suffering from anterograde amnesia, people who have difficulty making and recalling new memories.

He is helping these yellow, red, brown, and black people in positions of public, decision-making power, something I’ve never seen in my life.   He’s predisposing America to the response that diversity is coming, and that people of color can make decisions too!

This is what we call the Obama effect, which I touched on here.

Yesterday, in continuing that theme, he announced Sonia Sotomayor, Puerto Rican justice from the NY as his nominee to replace some white guy, David Souter, who turned out not to be a jackass and/or an idiot.

Manhattan Lawyer Jill Flipovic talks about:

Democrats and liberals will predictably trip over themselves arguing that Sotomayor’s race and gender don’t matter, even while race and gender matter.The reality, of course, is that every Supreme Court justice comes in with a set of life experiences that are shaped not only by race and gender, but by experiences both professional and personal – it’s just that few people consider that whiteness and maleness are not neutral identities and may shape one’s perspectives and legal opinions just as much as femaleness or non-whiteness.

Naturally, bro, as if there were some kind of inherent objectivity and decision-making ability stored in the transient absence of melanin.  What she’s getting at is that it has been “natural” to be white, male, and in power for a few centuries in this country.  “Natural” as if it were a law of physics.  If we represented anything other than being white and male, the pathway  wasn’t there, the connection was lacking, the door wasn’t open unless called upon to bring Ronald Reagan his Viagra.

In real life here in the San Fernando Valley in LA, all I see are yellow, red, brown, and black people doing nothing in particular.  Yet when I turn on the tube, it’s white people deciding this, white people deciding that, black people playing sports, telling jokes, and doing hip-hop.

Just about 4 years ago, I was somewhat happy that George W. Bush had a Filipino cook.  I didn’t like Boosh, but I do like Filipinos being recognized.  Under Obama, it seems like the opportunity for a Filipino people to be involved in actually making decisions other than what to put in the kare kare via local, state, Congressional, Supreme Court, or hell even in the White House,  just got better.  It’s good to know that getting into influential positions is possible and somewhat conceivable.  It’s good to know that the door is open, nobody is commanding us to get in, but now we can feel good enough to enter the conversation.

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