An External Working Memory System

Posted on May 24, 2009 by


With the IBM Memory personal organizer, everything becomes memorable.

Via Medagadget.

An externalized memory system that works as a “storehouse” of memory, and in real-time!  A more portable, smarter version of Evernote combined with a camera, a tape recorder, and a hard-drive.  Perhaps the real-time abatement of prosopamnesia.

I think they would be quite useful for a few sit-down written tests, like multiple choice tests and some standard exams.  If I could indulge further, maybe we’d get to the point where it actually tells us how to do things and/or why things happen, like some kind of emotional coding system.

Assuming that we don’t face some kind of judgment day by some terminator, we will be bladerunning into a brave new world with this technology.