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Self-Diagnosed and Induced Dyscalculia: My Math Experience and Its Relation to Working Memory

September 28, 2008 by


In my first two years of high school, math was one of my best classes. I did well in Algebra I that I got into Honors Geometry. From Honors Geometry, I did well enough to progress into Honors Algebra II. Honors Algebra II…where fecal matter made contact with the fan, and my confidence in my […]

Trouble the Water: New Orleans 3 Years after Hurricane Katrina

September 10, 2008 by


3 years ago, I was entering my senior year of college, preparing for the year with my life-changing student organization. In my other ear, I was hearing all about the comments Kanye West made on national television. A stuttered, nervous utterance of “George Bush doesn’t like black people!” A clip plaid ad nauseum on the […]