Pangea Day

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Good lord, I didn’t know about Pangea Day. Happened on my 24th birthday no less.

Pangea Day.

The event, in short, a rundown of people-connecting, human condition short films. The website containing these films, I discovered in the archives of the 6998 emails that I haphazardly left unread.

In light of my facebook old picture uploading craze and the fact that I was all over LACC around pretty girls yesterday, I really felt this one by Ted Chung.

That just made me think of why I become paralyzed when these opportunities present themselves. Asian American Male syndrome, maybe.

Then there’s this:

The Elevator Music piece reminds me of so many things. I guess I would liken it to a giant choosing not to overpower and inundate. Respectful, humble, do-what-they-do in that context.

And this:

A piece about people playing volleyball between the artifically-created wall that separates Mexico and the US


A short about tourism in post-Hurricane New Orleans.


A real scary short about a mob in Cameroon ready to beat down some kid just because he stole a few chickens.

And finally, this:

About William Kawkamba, the kid from Malawi who built a windmill. Built a windmill for his family out of old bicycle parts, bamboo, and basically lot of scraps. I posted about this before, I called him hip-hop because he made something out of nothing without any formal college education. Inspiring to the infinitieth degree to anyone who ever wants to do anything other than what they’ve been prescribed to do.

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